Welcome to the

Evangelical Center of Turnhout


We are a group of christians with a wide range of ages and nationalities. We have members deriving from Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Brazil, the Philippines, Congo... We have one thing that connects us most of all: the love for our God. We join together to give praise to our Lord and learn more about Him. For us, the bible is center in all that we do. In our statement of beliefs we gladly talk more about this.

Every Sunday we have a worship in our church. This Sunday worship starts at 10h. For the children we provide an adapted program (Sunday school). If you're not a christian but just curious, you are still more than welcome to attend. The worship is in dutch, is free and again: everybody is welcome to attend.

During the week we provide organised activities such as bible studies, youth groups, women's groups and more. If you wish for more information, please do get in touch with us here.

Hope to see you soon. God bless you!

25 Feb
Sunday worship at 10h00
03 Mar
Sunday worship at 10h00